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They’re learning from anywhere, on any device, in ways that reimagine what’s possible. Teachers and researchers are innovating faster than ever. Forward-thinking educational institutions are using the power of technology to transform the learning environment, merging the physical with the virtual, and realizing better student outcomes. You need a trusted partner with the expertise to bring your school’s vision to life. Liberty can help.

How We Can Help

We believe that technology can make a real difference, but it must be deployed thoughtfully by IT leaders who understand the pedagogical goals of their faculty members, cooperating with and receiving professional guidance from education experts who can help them apply new technologies to learning. Whether on or off campus, or in a flipped classroom model, students and educators can have highly secure access to educational resources, using their smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices.


Empowered Education

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Technology can help to break down the walls that have traditionally existed in education to make collaboration easier and more ubiquitous. Our collaboration workspaces, powered by Cisco Webex, let you conduct virtual meetings, utilize video across the campus, and enable more frequent sharing of best practices, course design approaches, and access to outside expertise. With Cisco's Connected Classroom, students can learn how they learn best: anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


Implement a platform to reduce your carbon footprint and increase productivity with connected lighting and energy management. Automate network configuration and setup while protecting users, data, and apps. Location intelligence provides data and analytics on how students and staff move through campus. Help enable relevant experiences, services, and space management. By providing new tools and offering ways for teachers to engage more effectively, the overall student body is more productive and truly invested in their education.


As more students are granted access and connect devices to networks, more data is being transferred and stored every day. This now requires a strong defense to protect against cybersecurity breaches and enhance student success. As threats become more sophisticated, schools and universities must find the best ways to tackle these challenges. Liberty's technology, scale, and expertise provide the broad and deep capabilities needed to improve security in education. This means simple, open, and automated security with integrated threat defense that detects and remediates threats faster.