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Steven Lease

General Manager

As General Manager, Steven works to improve Liberty Technology’s processes and ensure our services are delivered consistently. He also manages our IoT side offerings and serves as a technical resource for connectivity and fleet management solutions.

Steven’s career began in government. Straight out of the University of Pittsburgh, he was implementing process improvements, raising grant funds, and saving money for local and state governments. Equally adept in the private sector, Steven oversaw projects such as implementing the operational infrastructure of a new bank in Malta and ensuring the bank’s IT-related compliance.

In June of 2009, while Steven was working for the Butts County Board of Commissioners, Liberty Technology’s CEO, Ben Johnson, worked with Steven on an IT project. Ben was impressed to find that Steven had taken upon himself the duties of IT Director, in addition to his regular job responsibilities. Steven’s self-motivated and proactive approach to the work at hand made him a perfect fit for Liberty Technology.

Steven earned his bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh and his master’s degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Liverpool.

Steven loves spending time with his wife, Elina, and son, Elliot. He enjoys gardening, as he’s intrigued by the way IoT solutions allow agriculture and technology to work together. He also makes time to read about culture and behavioral economics.