Customer Success Story: Vanguard Truck Centers

Customer Success Story: Vanguard Truck Centers

Vanguard Truck Centers is a company of 500-1000 employees, based in Atlanta, Ga. They own and operate full-service commercial truck centers.

Vanguard needed to connect 15 environments in six locations across four states with a unified collaboration solution that brought together audio, video, and content sharing to make meetings easier and more effective.

Liberty Technology’s solution started with the way Vanguard used their office space. The space needed to be scaled and used to create work areas that better foster and promote employee inclusiveness, collaboration, and innovation. The new space was equipped with the Cisco Room Kit Plus with Codec Plus, Quad Camera and Touch 10, supported by Cisco Webex Teams and Webex Meetings Flex Plan. The space offers highly secure access to corporate resources, high-quality video and audio, and support for multiple devices.

Customer Success Story: Vanguard Truck CentersAs a result, total meetings rose 59% from August to October 2018, and meeting center video rose from 50 meetings to 90. And 87 percent of Vanguard remote users surveyed felt more connected to their team and process when using videoconferencing.

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