Leverage IoT Solutions to Run Your Business More Efficiently

Leverage IoT Solutions to Run Your Business More Efficiently

In today’s hypercompetitive environment, companies need to continuously improve to meet customer needs and stay ahead of the game. To that end, efficiency is the number-one reason why companies are looking to deploy IoT solutions to help monitor and control their physical assets. With an estimated 30 billion devices being connected to the Internet by 2020, companies simply cannot afford to fall behind in adopting IoT.

To help support our fleet and asset management customers, Liberty Technology is excited about our partnership with Samsara for Transportation. Samsara offers a single system for fleet tracking, driver safety, vehicle maintenance, and compliance that includes cellular gateways, sensors, cameras, mobile apps, and cloud software – with new features added every quarter. This plug-and-play system installs on all types of fleet vehicles in minutes and delivers immediate ROI.

Leverage IoT Solutions to Run Your Business More Efficiently

IoT devices such as dash cams and sensors have proven invaluable in supporting fleet managers, safety directors, quality control managers, and more in the work they do every day. Dash cams, for example, provide visibility into driver behavior and provide crucial information that helps enhance safety and keep fleet vehicles in excellent condition throughout their life cycle. Safety directors can harvest real-life footage from dash cams to identify areas of driver safety that need attention and provide compelling safety material that uses real-life footage from the fleet’s own footage. What’s more, dash cam footage can exonerate drivers and avoid costly settlements in the case of a not-at-fault accident. Learn more how one dash cam saved Moore Food Distributors more than $250,000 (and their driver’s good record) by exonerating him from fault in a major accident.

And, when it comes to food safety, distributors’ having the ability to track every product and monitor temperatures is invaluable. Cash-Wa Distributing, a broadline foodservice distributor, has reduced payouts to customers claiming improper temperature by 30 percent due to their leveraging Samsara IoT to continuously track temperatures from end-to-end. Likewise, being able to track and consolidate routes allows companies to prove on-time deliveries, reduce idling time, and expand reach without driving up costs.

These are just a few highlights of the ever-expanding advantages IoT is contributing to industries today. We encourage you to further explore the ways in which Liberty Technology’s IoT solutions for fleet management, asset tracking, and managed connectivity can increase your ROI. Contact us to request a demo and see how you can get IoT working to drive your business forward.

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