The Evolution of the Cloud

The Evolution of the Cloud

Market trends are changing, and the IT world is on the cusp of a big shift. We at Liberty have a mission to stay on the leading edge of all things IT, and it's our job to make sure you stay right out front alongside us. With the newest consumption model taking form, we are able to offer improved ways for you, our clients, purchase services, solutions, and devices.

We say it often, it's our job to make yours easier. "The cloud" is one aspect of IT that helps us do this. With the cloud evolving and creeping into our consumption models (in a good way), Device as a Service (DaaS) is gaining traction and changing how we purchase devices and endpoints. Treating everything, now devices, as a service in terms of how it is purchased is another part of our efforts to best serve our clients. We want you to have the most updated, secure devices always. With DaaS, your company receives a new device every three years as a part of this refresh program, keeping you updated and secure, while better managing expenses. You will also have access to expert tech support for these devices through DaaS. The flexibility and affordability of this platform allows you to operate with greater predictability and security, while better managing costs.

Device as a Service offers:

  • Scalability
  • Cost and time effectiveness
  • Custom solutions/services

Taking advantage of DaaS will help launch your business forward in this world of IT that is changing more and more rapidly in all areas.

To learn more about the advantages DaaS can provide to your business, as well as other aspects of how the cloud is evolving, please join us at our free fall event, the Liberty Technology Tech Fest. Tech Fest will be held at our office on Thursday, November 14 from 10am-5pm. Click HERE to register now.

Vendors joining us and sponsoring the Tech Fest include Cisco, Great America, Lenovo, Meraki, Belkin, OneLogin, Altus, Synnex, and more!


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