Free Cybersecurity Threat Scan

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Please fill out this short form and within 24 hours Liberty Technology will send a personalized link to run on your machine.

20 Minutes Can Save You Millions

Our 20-minute threat detection scan will inform you on your current IT vulnerabilities. After the scan, you will receive a detailed breakdown on whether or not your businesses is currently vulnerable to hackers and other cybersecurity threats.

  • Determine who on your team is exposing their personal information, putting them at risk?
  • Give your team clear directions on how to avoid personalized, targeted attacks on their information
  • Understand your security vulnerabilities
  • Avoid common ransomware mistakes
  • Identify what a hacker be able to access if someone clicked on a malicious link
  • Learn simple steps to protect yourself. Once your team sees all of the data—SSNs, credit card statements, tax returns—that they are leaving in jeopardy, nearly every single one of them will change their behaviors.

Here's How It Works

Please fill out this short form, and we will send a dedicated URL to your inbox. All you have to do is click the link and run the program, which works while performing your usual tasks. After 20 minutes, the scan will finish and send our team a report, which we then analyze. Liberty Technology will schedule a meeting to walk you through the results.

That’s all it takes. 20 minutes can save you millions of dollars by determining and fixing existing risks before it’s too late.

Liberty Technology Offers IT Assessments

Do you know everything about your current information technology setup? Are you aware of your technology stack? What software you’re using? What software you’re paying for but not using? Do you know your data security vulnerabilities?

Odds are, you don’t know all of these answers, which means your business isn’t running at a level it could reach with a proper IT setup. At Liberty Technology, we created our IT Assessment — sometimes referred to as a business risk assessment — to help businesses identify existing weaknesses in operational maturity and information security, and how they can improve upon existing strengths.

Our risk assessments take around two weeks to complete and, at the end of the process you’ll receive a detailed report showing where you need to improve, what our recommendations are to make those improvements, and what an appropriate IT budget would look like. You can take this information to another IT firm, or we can partner together to implement our plan… it’s entirely up to you.