Data Protection As A Service

A loss of data can have catastrophic consequences that affect not only internal operations but also finances and reputations in both the market and with your clients. Today's world of technology poses greater risks as our data can be distributed more easily amongst cloud-based services and data centers. While this technology is great and often necessary, it is important to take the proper security measures to protect your data. 

Consuming Data Protection As A Service is important for several reasons. To solely automate this solution may seem time and cost efficient, however automated solutions can only do so much by themselves. The human element of this solution is necessary so that knowledgeable, trained IT professionals can monitor the Data Protection solutions and software 24/7 providing you with the most value. Making sure the right data is being backed up in a correct, timely manner will give you peace of mind that your data protection solution is being executed properly. Our Data Protection As A Service solution can provide accurate, usable backups that are crucial to your backup recovery plan.


Data Backup Security Process

At Liberty Technology we have a 3, 2, 1 rule for our Backup Security Process. We implement and follow this rule because we understand the crucial nature of having accurate, usable backups and how valuable these backups are in the event that your data is compromised. Physical and technological elements are both factors that play into this process. 

The 3, 2, 1 Rule is as follows:

  • 3 copies of backed up data at any given time
  • Data backups are to live on 2 different sources of media or location
  • 1 of the 3 copies of data backups should be off-site

This is just a small portion of the lengths we go through in our Data Backup Security Process to be sure your data is safe and available if needed. Another key portion of this process is making sure that our clients understand their Backup Recovery Plan and the RTO (recovery time objective) and RPO (recovery point objective) associated with their plan.


How Simple is Your IT?