IT Security Solutions

At Liberty Technology, we believe in taking a layered approach to our IT Security Solutions. No one piece of security software is going to be 100% effective, therefore layering them will decrease the chance for an actual incident. Our layered approach is a set of proven solutions that work better together to reduce risk, increase effectiveness of existing solutions, reduce time to detect and reduce time to respond.

Knowing who is on your network, when they’re accessing it, what they’re doing, where they’re doing it from, and what to do when something is not right are all pieces of the puzzle that we look at to stay ahead of the dangers that can be associated with threats to your network and data. By leveraging our solution and best practices you can protect your most important assets while reducing your overall technology costs.


Threat Management Services

The IT environment is ever-changing and unfortunately, we are always one step behind the “bad guys” when it comes to threat detection. Therefore, it’s imperative to deploy a solution that is executed by a partner such as Liberty Technology that’s as close on the heels of the bad guys as possible. 

Having a properly managed Security Operations Center (SOC) is a huge component of our Threat Management Service. Our SOC is composed of individuals that know what to do when a threat arises and who are consistently identifying, analyzing, and proactively monitoring the information that is generated by threat detection platforms and products. With Liberty Technology you are buying more than an individual threat detection product, but a proper Threat Management Service solution.


How Simple is Your IT?