Managed IT Help Desk

Desktops, smartphones, tablets, are just a few of the many devices that employees use and rely on to execute their daily tasks. This makes support for these devices a top priority to maintain efficiency. Hiring an experienced and capable IT staff is often complicated and out of budget, which is why outsourcing a Help Desk that offers Managed IT Help Desk Support Services for these devices is the most efficient and practical option.

With our Managed IT Help Desk, we take it a step beyond a typical "break it, fix it" process. At Liberty Technology we know that you rely on multiple devices to get the job done, therefore we make it a priority to quickly identify problems and provide the most efficient solution to our Managed IT Help Desk clients. There are a few qualities that set apart our Help Desk apart from the others. We believe in proper prioritization and getting the right issues escalated, root cause analysis drives our mission to fix issues, and we follow a strict SLA (Service Level Agreement) process so that issues are being resolved quickly and accurately.


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