Ben Johnson

CEO and Founder

Born This Way. Some people are thrown into entrepreneurship by circumstance and opportunity. They happen to come along with the right combination of talents to take advantage of the zeitgeist. Others are born to make opportunity wherever and whenever they land. Ben Johnson is of the latter kind. From the time he began selling bicycle and lawnmower parts from his family’s salvage yard at three years old , Ben has founded one successful business after another, culminating in his consulting for some of the largest IT companies in the world. Throughout the years, he’s shown he possesses the instinct and savvy... Full Bio »

Ashley McDaniel

Integrator and Chief Financial Officer

Ashley McDaniel earned her associate’s degree in Foreign Language from Gordon State College, her BA in International Economic Affairs from University of West Georgia, and her MBA from Georgia State... Full Bio »

Charles Goodsell

Chief Operations Officer

Charles supports the team by designing and configuring projects or consulting on their own designs. He makes sure clients are getting what they need and that everything will integrate... Full Bio »