Our Support Process

Our Support Process

Liberty Technology uses a suite of Remote Monitoring and Management utilities from SolarWinds to monitor and address stability, performance, and support requirements. The tool set includes an agent installed on client computers and servers that monitors and alerts Liberty Technology to issues that need to be addressed, sometimes before the client is aware of the fault.

When a service request is initiated in any way, the ticket is presented to our technicians in a Tier 1 service queue for analysis and triage. At this stage, the responding technician determines the nature and severity of the problem or request and, if possible, provides the solution. If the issue requires a different skill set, tooling, or response, the responding technician can escalate to level two or three engineers to resolve the issue or mobilize an on-site response as circumstances dictate.

Security Breaches

Liberty treats any breach as an emergency response issue. We notify the client POC immediately when a breach is discovered with a situational update with scope of breach. We continue to regularly, typically hourly, update the POC throughout any recovery or remediation actions. The updates are made over most viable communication option at the time depending on severity of breach. After the breach is completely remediated, Liberty would provide detailed brief to the POC and leadership upon request.

Response Times

Description Response Time
Emergency Support 1 HOUR
Issues that result in failure in a critical infrastructural component or service. Examples include email or phones down for the entire company, payroll is not able to be processed. An emergency can also be declared by the designated point of contact.
Quick Response 4 HOURS
Examples include - one department is unable to print, a remote location is without internet. Liberty Technology’s primary point of contact for an organization may ask that something be escalated.
Normal Response 8 HOURS
Examples include - a user or small group of users are unable to log into their computers, the primary line-of-business application is experiencing an error but there is an acceptable work around for the issue while it is being worked on, user has a question about a supported platform.
Scheduled Maintenance 2 WEEKS
Issues that are related to ongoing or preventive maintenance activities. This priority is typically used for service requests that are currently not impacting an organization at all and can just be done when it is convenient for everyone, such as the next time a server needs to be rebooted, or delivering a spare computer the next time we have to visit a location.