Two Ways to Protect Your Invisible Assets

Protect Your Invisible Assets

At Liberty, we stand by our statement: The best way to get hacked is to believe you won’t be. It makes sense to protect the assets you can see, but, with an average cost of $3.86 million, a data breach of your “invisible” network resources could be even more costly than you might imagine. From your endpoints to the cloud, security must be a priority. Thankfully, Liberty and Cisco Meraki have partnered to expertly answer these challenges with the industry-leading, cloud-based technology of Meraki MX Security Appliance and Meraki MR20.

The Cisco Meraki MX Security Appliance is one of the most powerful security technologies on the market. Managed by the Meraki Dashboard, the MX easily provides complete cloud management, not only for security but also for networking and management control. Quick setup, deployment, and synchronization of security settings means MX will be on the job before a threat becomes a breach. The MX acts as your front line of defense through its six main security features:

  • Next-generation firewall;
  • Content filtering;
  • Intrusion prevention;
  • Malware protection;
  • Cloud-brokered VPN; and
  • Advanced malware protection (AMP)

These features handle threats with little to no downtime, easily implemented firewall rules for all web-facing services, filtering and blocking of certain sites on both a device and global level, and prevention of intrusions from undesirable sources. Plus, AMP is a comprehensive, cloud-based security technology that scans files as they are requested, blocks those that are malicious, and sends alerts when needed.

Next up is the Meraki MR20. If you’re looking for a two-in-one for wireless and 24X7 security monitoring, this champ is for you. It’s cloud-based and self-configuring, making for a simple, quick deployment. A notable feature of the MR20 is its built-in wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS), Air Marshal, that provides threat detection and attack remediation to ensure you’re establishing secure connections. Might we also add, this solution has had a recent, steep price drop, making it an affordable, secure option for your network.

At Liberty we realize that security must be a priority for any size business, whether local, mid-market, or enterprise. Our endpoint-to-network security solutions stay focused on keeping your business, data, and hardware secure and compliant, so you can stay focused on growing your business.

Security is our job. Contact our team for more information by emailing us at

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Protect Your Invisible Assets

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Protect Your Invisible Assets

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Protect Your Invisible Assets

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