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By paying close attention to our clients' evolving business needs and initiatives, we help guide them to the technology solutions that will deliver the best value now and provide the best platform for future growth. Our solutions are built on the four main pillars of today's technology landscape.

You Will Get Hacked. Are You Prepared?
Our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment analyzes how IT services are delivered throughout your entire organization, pinpointing your business's risk and creating action plans to mitigate it. This includes the assessment of the current IT organizational structure, available resources, required functions, and existing roles that help meet delivery needs. This cybersecurity risk assessment incorporates industry best practices and business requirements to identify gaps in your delivery model, including training and development, succession planning, and workforce planning. Our recommendations will identify the effective sourcing strategies to ensure that your IT organization can provide optimal service delivery for your business needs while ensuring you're as protected as you can be in today's security environment.

Our Services

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

At Liberty Technology, our goal is to scale IT for what your business needs now, what it needs in the near term, and what it needs looking toward the future. We’re here to help your business achieve operational maturity and run as efficiently as possible, letting you focus on what you do best.
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Network Security Management
Data And Network Security
Network Security Management

Data And Network Security

The best defense against today’s advanced security threats is a good offense - one that outsmarts emerging threats while they’re still just threats. Ineffective firewalls, unmanaged email, and unprotected devices are behind the vast majority of security breaches. To stay ahead of these dangers, you need to know who is on your network, what they’re doing there, and how to respond quickly when something’s not right. A total security solution protects your networks, data, and devices in today’s mobile environment, keeping your enterprise safe, compliant, and agile as it grows.
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Cisco Webex Collaboration
Business Collaboration
Cisco Webex Collaboration

Business Collaboration

One of the essential aspects of any business today is the ability to provide opportunities for employees and customers to interact, collaborate, and work together. Effective collaboration is important no matter where the individuals may be located in the world.
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Network Security Services
Network Security
Network Security Services

Network Security

Concepts that seemed impossible even a few years ago are now commonplace in the world of computing. Businesses of all sizes around the world are utilizing connectivity to automate and control processes that increase productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.
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Business It Assessment Services
IT Infrastructure
Business It Assessment Services

IT Infrastructure

Our clients are business owners that understand the importance of technology in moving their businesses forward. At Liberty Technology, our goal is to work with each of our clients to create the technology and the computing capacity needed to accelerate their company’s growth.
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Virtual CIO Consulting Services
Virtual CIO
Virtual CIO Consulting Services

Virtual CIO

As a Virtual CIO, our team evaluates the responsibilities of what is needed of an IT Manager based on your company's specific needs and develops an IT Roadmap and Budgeting Guide. This includes the design of a road map, a high-level concept, that will act as a guide in improving your technology as it deems fit in order to keep productivity of your business top priority.
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IT Security Services
Managed IT
IT Security Services

Managed IT

Most small to mid-sized businesses in Macon, GA, struggle to do everything in-house. Meeting the company’s IT needs can be one of the particularly difficult tasks to manage without a specialized team.
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IT Colocation Services
IT Co-location
IT Colocation Services

IT Co-location

Many businesses in and nearby Macon, GA, have specialized needs for security, computing power, and workload capacity and capabilities. In these situations, using traditional hosting services or cloud-based technologies may not meet industry protocols or business needs.
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Industries Served


It takes only one computer, somewhere in the world, to get compromised by a malware variant, and that’s what can keep you up at night. Finance organizations have always been concerned with asset security – strong walls to keep the bad guys out, with more free rein inside.


Liberty Technology partners with government officials to create strategic IT roadmaps that solve their community's most critical issues. We equip governments with the tools needed to make a direct connection with citizens, allowing cities and counties to be more productive and responsive to the public's needs.
It Services For Healthcare Industry It Services For Healthcare Industry


As a healthcare provider, you’re managing a host of devices, ranging from phones and tablets to security cameras to life-saving equipment – often all connecting to a large, distributed network. It’s critical for you to be able to reliably keep track of what devices are connected to your network, what they are doing, and what sort of access each one should have. HIPPA compliance and EHI protection must underlie every function.
It Services For Manufacturing It Services For Manufacturing


As a strategic partner, Liberty Technology can assist your IT team as a “virtual CIO” to plan for and address the complex network challenges your manufacturing organization faces. At the same time, you’ll gain competitive advantage by protecting valuable information and assets.
It Services For Retail It Services For Retail


You need a flexible infrastructure to quickly capitalize on disruptive technologies. We help retailers optimize the store experience by connecting employees, mobile POS, and mobile payment. Retailers can proceed with incremental building-block steps once the right foundation is in place. Liberty Technology provides solutions, software, and services for both foundation and higher-level capabilities.
It Services For Education It Services For Education


Whether on or off campus, or in a flipped classroom model, students and educators can have highly secure access to educational resources, using their smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices.
It Services For Marketing and Advertising It Services For Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising firms have a lot going on, and the last thing they should have to worry about is whether or not their clients’ data is secure and their operations are functioning properly. Liberty Technology has experience working with top-flight marketing and advertising agencies, helping them work with clients from all over the world seamlessly due to expert collaboration technology and fast, secure networks.


Tim Young
June 12th, 2024
Israel came out and diagnosed and we repeated history to find a working solution. Will need to issue a service ticket to Dell for them to diagnose this issue. 10/30/2023 They got over here quickly on Tuesday 6/20/23 as requested to set up our new server array and assist with the relocation of some of our key staff for a construction project taking place in their office for a prolonged period. Very little "issues", and everyone seem to be up and operating. Thank you as always! Joy, Charles, Ryan, Sydney and all the staff there are great and helpful to get our technology needs done. Always attentive and responsive. Also have to add JC to the mix along with the others. And Joy is always "joyful". Thanks y'all. Chris is the newest BOMB. Ryan is the BOMB. All y'all are great!
Gerard Lozano
May 23rd, 2024
Always satisfied and recommend Liberty Tech for all IT needs.
Vanessa Rawlins
March 27th, 2024
Everyone at Liberty Technology shows what it is like to work as a team to get things done!! Thank You Liberty for the great group of people you have working for you. Great Company with great customer service!!
Flight Solutions LLC
March 16th, 2024
Very competent group that maintains computer systems for the city office I volunteer at. Any time I've had computer related issues they are quick to resolve and get me back online. Every encounter has been professional and friendly. Highly recommend!
Sue Butler
March 15th, 2024
Quick response and repair. We love these Guys!
Judy Robertson
March 13th, 2024
Always Excellent Service.
Israel Howell
February 21st, 2024
Proud to work with such an awesome team and the culture we share. Even with the most daunting IT issues we face, our awesome clients make it worthwhile. We learn and grow together with our clients. 10/10 would recommend.
Debbie Clark
February 5th, 2024
Thanks for the quick help!
KLaRe Trimble
January 12th, 2024
Great job Liberty! Ryan Jason and Israel are so knowledgeable and helpful!!!!
James Dutton
December 27th, 2023
The team(s) at Liberty are simply the best! I do not know how my office IT would function without their fast, friendly, and reliable support! These guys really are pros!
Leighanne & brad Jones
December 17th, 2023
Like always Sidney was on point and had my problem resolved very quickly. The outcome is always perfection when Sidney troubleshoots my problems. Thank you Sidney for your professionalism and expertise.
Nancy Rosa
December 4th, 2023
Great support service! Thanks
Chip Adkins
November 15th, 2023
Israel did great work.
alejandro garcia
November 6th, 2023
Awesome place. I've taken my Pearsonvue exam here and it was fantastic. Very relaxing atmosphere which allowed me to take my exam at peace.
Debra Dutton
October 25th, 2023
I recommend this firm.

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Startups to established businesses in and nearby Macon, GA, turn to Liberty Technology for all their IT services. We offer a full range of IT services for businesses across all industry sectors, including education, government, healthcare, finance, retail, and manufacturing

Liberty Technology also provides IT consulting services, helping small business owners or large companies with maximizing security, efficiency, IT help desk services, and data security for new or existing networks and systems. When you are searching for “IT companies near me”, Liberty Technology is a proven, trusted, and experienced provider of IT services in Macon, GA.

Services Offered

Our goal is to provide all the IT services our clients require. We specialize in IT security and IT support, making it easy for small businesses in and around Macon, GA. 

Outsourced IT is a cost-effective option, and our IT security management helps to eliminate your worries about managing client data. In our role as your managed service provider, Liberty Technology offers a variety of services, including backup data security and IT disaster recovery, ensuring your digital presence is quickly restored in the event of a crash or catastrophic failure. 

Using cloud backup allows full access to the data and systems you need to run your business. In addition, our experience as an MSP for companies of all sizes throughout Macon, GA, enables us to anticipate issues and develop customized solutions for your IT requirements. 

Liberty Technology is also your go-to VCIO. As your Virtual Chief Information Officer, we provide all the services of an in-house CIO while saving you money. This service includes managing the IT needs of the company for today as well as planning for the future. 

To find out more about the customized approach to IT services offered by Liberty Technology, call us today at 770-800-0537 or contact us online.