Our Referral Program Rewards Our Biggest Fans

Liberty Technology works hard to ensure that our clients have the IT services they deserve. We want our clients to be happy, and we would love to reward you for spreading our message to other businesses.

If you know someone concerned about their lack of quality IT support and technology services, do them a solid and send their information to us, and we’ll help change their world. By recommending future partners, you can sleep well at night knowing you’ve helped a business and get a little extra cash in your pocket!

Let us reward you with a $1,000 referral fee or a donation in your company’s name.

Here’s how it works; once the Managed Services deal closes, $1,000 will be sent to the person who provided the referral. If you’re ineligible to receive a cash bonus based on your company policies, you can request that the $1,000 be donated to the charity of your choice in your company’s name.

It’s simple; please fill out the form on this page to start our referral process.

Thank you in advance for spreading the good word about Liberty Technology. We’re honored to be one of your partners and can’t wait to discuss how we can help other businesses in Georgia.