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Finding a time and place to suit team members on the move can seem nearly impossible. Plus, trying to coordinate across a multitude of communications choices can lead to lost invites, delayed responses, and missed meetings or deadlines. The right collaboration technology simply must agree with what teamwork looks like today.



Liberty Technology meets you where you are. We use Cisco-powered unified communications (UC) systems to give your team the freedom to seamlessly collaborate in the ways that work best for them. Cisco’s global conferencing cloud synchronizes voice, video, and data to reduce costs and simplify operations. Your team can see who’s available, manage their own availability, and choose the most appropriate communication tools to save time and facilitate better decisions.


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Collab endpoints

Get expert advice on the strategy and management of your existing devices, and sourcing of new ones, for every use case. From Series IP phones and video units to Webex Rooms. View the next generation in IT endpoints

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Collab Webex

Webex Teams, Webex Meetings, Webex Calling – absolutely everything you need for seamless communication and collaboration, all under the peerless Webex name, so everything just works.

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Microsoft Cloud & Apps

Keep your data secure and, at the same time, available to everyone in your business who needs it. Cloud solutions offer collaboration on documents and presentations in real-time, wherever your colleagues may be. Plus, Office365 allows you to continually and easily update to the latest versions of Microsoft Office on all workstations, so everyone’s on the same page.

Room Design

Make the most of your meeting space. Liberty Technology designs, delivers, and integrates precisely the right technologies for your current needs.

Conference Room Acoustics

Conference Room Acoustics

The sleek modern look that seems to radiate efficiency often employs hard surfaces that brutally reflect every sound, turning a conference call into a cacophony.

Your conference room is where strategies are born, proposals are made, problems are solved, and accomplishments are recognized. But, especially as videoconferencing is becoming the norm, today’s conference room can be more echochamber than productive space. The solution to achieving the look you want and the comfortable, private environment you need is expert use of acoustically absorbent materials.

Acoustically absorbent material is designed to capture just enough of the sound bouncing around a space to make speech sound clearer and more understandable. At Liberty Technology, we’ve found that strategically placed wall panels are one of the best solutions to provide speech clarity and privacy while preserving the minimalist design that many organizations prefer. Conversely, fashionable panels, clouds, or baffles can be used on walls and ceilings to achieve significant echo reduction and make a design statement! For even greater sound absorption, the panels can be installed with air gaps behind them for increased acoustic performance and cost savings.

Count on Liberty Technology to help you find just the right solution to mitigate noise issues and reintroduce privacy in your conference rooms.