The best defense against today’s advanced security threats is a good offense - one that outsmarts emerging threats while they’re still just threats. Ineffective firewalls, unmanaged email, and unprotected devices are behind the vast majority of security breaches. To stay ahead of these dangers, you need to know who is on your network, what they’re doing there, and how to respond quickly when something’s not right. A total security solution protects your networks, data, and devices in today’s mobile environment, keeping your enterprise safe, compliant, and agile as it grows.



Liberty Technology’s approach to security is an aggressive risk-reduction strategy, giving you the visibility and insight you need to shut down security threats wherever they may appear. Security customers have access to Cisco Talos Security Operations Center (SOC), the breakaway leader in IT security. We provision, deploy, upgrade, and regularly maintain a properly configured firewall. We keep your security policies and configurations current to ensure that access controls keep pace with your evolving business needs. Spam blocking and antivirus protection protect your email, the primary point of intrusion, from phishing scams, identity theft, or malicious emails that can hurt your brand and reputation. And our advanced endpoint solutions protect the desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices that stand on the front lines of the threats from the internet.


Security Assessment


Endpoint Security
Cisco Advanced Malware Protection blocks and quarantines malicious files from executing on endpoints in and out of the office. And remediation is surgical, with no associated collateral damage to IT systems or the business.
Network Security
Cloud-managed firewalls and email filtering stop threats proactively. And if any malicious code gets through, DNS-level protection from Cisco Umbrella prevents it from phoning home.
Network Visibility
Many threats go unremediated for days, weeks, or months due to lack of visibility. Having systems in place that prioritize alerts are critical to containing attacks.
User Training
With Liberty Technology comprehensive user security training, your employees will learn to identify and avoid attacks, and you'll know which of your employees are most phish-prone and what you can do to improve your last line of defense. We can also help ensure that your technology does what your security policy says it's supposed to.
Credential Monitoring
Combines human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyze, and proactively monitor for any compromised or stolen employee or customer data.
Data Protection
Backups aren’t just for deleted files and server crashes anymore. In the age of ransomware, secure backups of your data are a vital part of your security plan