Your Collaboration Journey – All Roads Lead to Cisco Webex

Your Collaboration Journey – All Roads Lead to Cisco Webex

All Roads Lead to Webex

More and more people are working remotely. This reality has at once transformed the face of collaboration and made it even more essential to keep employees on the same page with regard to your company’s goals. Virtual meetings are the way today’s work is done, and over 70 percent of businesses have at least one conferencing account.

But when’s the last time you left a meeting and said, “Wow, that was awesome”? More often than not, people find meetings inefficient and frustrating. And online meetings face particular challenges: managing participants’ different software programs, ensuring flexible hosting and secure invites, reducing outside noise and bad video quality, and a list of other issues.

Your Collaboration Journey – All Roads Lead to Cisco Webex

Effective meetings are compelling, efficient, even fun – and absolutely essential to productivity. With a full 37 percent of our time spent in them, and 15 hours a week in collaboration, this is an area where we simply have to get it right.

Thankfully, Cisco Webex gets it right. Webex has always been the thought leader in online meetings, but the latest updates made simpler than ever to join, pair, and share.

Joining. One of the distinct advantages of Webex is that it combines the online viewing portion with the ability to teleconference easily and connect to the webinar via your access code. This lets presenters know who is actually there during the presentation, without need for a time-consuming roll call.

Your Collaboration Journey – All Roads Lead to Cisco WebexVideo First. Webex brings your meetings and events to life by maximizing the space for video collaboration. You meet your colleagues face-to-face, as if you’re sitting at the same table, even when you’re oceans apart — making the experience positive and engaging for everyone.

Controls. Webex has centralized the essential controls, like muting, sharing, and recording. You also have more control of who and what you see using new layouts. You can lock the focus on one person, keep content and video views side-by-side, or move panels to another monitor — whatever works best for each meeting.

Sharing. More features from Webex include the ability to easily share documents, presentations, or applications. With one click, you can allow someone to present from the other side of the world, from their device or by taking remote control of yours. Across-the-board access facilitates any meeting need.

Recordings. You can store recordings of your meetings on a site that only your company has access to. Then review or send them to use for training. And for those not yet familiar with web conferencing, subscribers also have unlimited access to an extensive and free-to-use library of training articles.

Scalable. You can be an organization of one or a billion-dollar global corporation and get the benefits on Cisco’s secure and reliable proprietary network. Since Webex is software as a service (SaaS), you only need a subscription and Internet access, and you’re ready to go. There’s no downloading, and your audience doesn’t need to subscribe in order to watch and listen.

The advantages of Webex software have made it the most popular web conferencing solution today. Keeping employees happy, engaged, and focused improves performance and your bottom line. Drop us a line at to discuss how Webex can instantly take your meetings from ugh to wow in 2019!

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